Come for the MEAT, stay for the FUN.



Smokin’ Joes Stilly sits in the middle of ten acres we purchased in 2020.  The ground sloped off into a large pecan bottom and required a considerable amount of dirt work to prepare the site.  We removed a couple of older buildings and flattened the area where the building now stands.  We then built a 60’ x 120” metal building and framed up the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas inside.  

We have the ability to close off the north end dining area and can reserve it for special events.  This room also has three garage doors we can open when the weather permits.

The drive through will enter at the South end of the property, run down the tree line and loop around to the south end of the building and the window.  You will then exit east out the main entrance.

We find out new things about the history of the property every week.  I have been told it has been everything from a dairy to a orchard and winery.  There also seems to have been some film developing done in one of the old buildings from one of the previous owners.  Some of the items related to the history will be displayed within the restaurant.

Don’t be surprised if you see other offerings and venues in the future.

Come see us!!