Volleyball & Bar


Sunday - Monday open upon special request

Tuesday - Wednesday
Friday - Saturday

The Pit

As I said earlier the volleyball courts and bar go back to my time in Arizona and Minder Binders.  We took advantage of the concrete block structure and remodeled it into a concession/bar.  We have most of the top brands of beers and seltzers, along with soft drinks and sports drinks.  We will also be serving a limited lineup of alcoholic drinks.

We took our time prepping the courts to make sure they would drain correctly.  After clearing and leveling the area, we dug six channels and placed gravel and French drainpipe in them and covered them and the remaining area with gravel.  We then placed water permeable “felt” over the gravel and then brought in about 38 loads of sand.

It may not be Destin, but it is as close to the beach as you’re going to get in Stillwater.